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The preparations below are formulated and blended at the clinic, from plant ingredients wild crafted from the Derrynane Clinic's garden or sustainably harvested from wild areas of south Kerry. Plants that aren't readily available locally are sourced from reputable organic suppliers.

Treatments come in form of:

  • Tinctures - plants macerated in an alcohol solution - that are taken multiple times a day with a little water.

  • Herbal teas - dried herbs to be steeped in hot water before drinking.

  • Skin ointments and creams - plants infused in vegetable oils / water to apply directly to the skin.

  • Herbal syrups and vinegar tinctures may be an option when alcohol isn't appropriate.

These core formulas have been generated to suit most people,  and may also be tailored to the individual as needed, based on the outcomes of a consultation.


Cold and Flu tincture
  • Prevention and treatment of colds and flu, with antiviral properties, fever management and immune system support. 

  • Reduces and relieves the signs and symptoms of common colds and flu. 

  • Contains elderberry, echinacea, astragalus, elecampene...

Cough bottle
  • For chesty cough and irritating dry coughs.

  • Eases and soothes the cough reflex and promotes the loosening and removal of mucus.

  • Containing thyme and licorice syrup, wild cherry bark, hyssop and mullein...

Throat Spray
  • Gentle and effective relief to soothe sore throat and inflamed tonsils

  • Contains thyme, sage and echinacea...

Cold and flu tea
  • A traditional tea blend, drunk to ease the symptoms of cold and flu and moderate fever.

  • Contains elderflower, yarrow, peppermint...

Sinus tea
  • Eases runny nose symptoms and stuffiness.

  • Reduces sinus inflammation.

  • Contains elderflower and eyebright...

Sleepy tea
  • Initially created to treat anxiety, it was discovered to also improve sleep quality. 

  • Can be drunk anytime, but best in the evening to unwind after a day.

  • Contains rose buds, lavender, lime blossom, lemon balm and passion flower...

Women's tea
  • Mood tonic, cramp relief

  • General PMS support

  • Contains holy basil, yarrow, chamomile...

Tummy tea
  • Helping the digestive system

  • Eases bloating and indigestion

  • Contains meadowsweet, fennel, lemon balm, pepermint...

Energy tea
  • healthy refreshing energy boost to replace caffeine

  • Contains peppermint, ginger...

Deep tissue salve
  • Reduces inflammation, swelling and promotes recovery.

  • Hot and cold effect.

  • List of uses (still expanding): post exercise to reduce stiffness, soft tissue damage repair, first aid for bumps and bruises, improve blood circulation to hands and feet, releases tension headaches, back pain, etc..

  • Contains daisy, comfrey, child, st John's wort...

Midge-it salve
  • Original biting insect repellent ointment.

  • Reported to be effective in Ireland, Europe, US, South Pacific, Australia and Africa.

  • Contains coconut and bog myrtle.

Midge-it Tropical spray
  • New stronger formulation, suited for warmer countries.

  • Chemical-free, a natural blend of coconut oil and essential oils

Varicose vein cream
  • Eases symptoms and discomfort associated with varicose veins, including pain, swelling, heavy and restless legs. 

  • Contains comfrey, daisy and horse chestnut.

Antifungal nail treatment
  • Long term treatment for fungal infections of finger and toe nails.

  • Contains neem, walnut and myrrh.

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